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2020-2021 Compass Academy Charter School plan in navigating the health and safety reestablishment of our school and to reduce the impact of COVID 19 conditions upon returning to the district.

Car Rider Pickup Directions (Kindergarten-5th)

Car Rider Pickup Directions (Kindergarten-5th) -
• Cars need to enter from South Billy Hext and start a line at the far North West corner of the Crosssroads back parking lot. Please follow the signs and the directions of Compass staff when waiting in the parking lot lines.
• When the deceleration lane is full on Billy Hext, stop and wait at Crossroads until the line starts to move again. You will not be able to wait in line past the deceleration lane. This is a city law, not ours. You cannot block the flow of traffic while waiting on Billy Hext.
• Cars will load the driveway in all 3 lanes, bumper to bumper, once the driveway is full the next car will be stopped at the driveway entrance, then all other cars will wait in the deceleration lane going down Billy Hext to the end of the deceleration lane.
• Do not get out of your vehicle to retrieve or load your child, this slows us down. Students will go to their car and get in by themselves. We will have staff in the driveway helping the younger ones with this process. All students are loaded on the passenger side due to moving traffic on the driver’s side. Please do not ask the child to go to the other side of the vehicle. They will have to climb over the seat if they need to be sitting on the other side.
• Once all students are loaded into all of the cars in the driveway lanes and the “all clear” is given, staff will begin to allow the cars to exit one lane at a time.
• The cars that are exiting must exit onto 56th Street and may turn left or right.


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