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Hello my loves!!! For the past 5 years I have been teaching music at Compass. I have taught every grade level and spent the last few only with my older kids. This year I am returning to elementary babies and I CANT WAIT! There is something so precious about the genuineness of littles that speaks to my heart. I’ll be teaching K-5, somehow! 🤪
I love my kids. That includes my 4 biological ones and the ohhhhh entirety of all my students, past and present. I enjoy bringing music and joy to their days and making sure they are loved and safe. My own 4 are now 13, 11, 9 and 7. So 2 in middle school and 2 in elementary. Busy. But I wouldn’t change a thing. We love baseball, volleyball, gymnastics and dance. And do all while singing.... jk that’s only me 😁. 

There are the formal things everyone wants to know so here ya go: My deep love for music began long ago. I have  always sung in church and whenever anyone would listen. I took piano lessons and voice lessons for many years and am also a proud alumni of the Texas All-State Choir. I graduated from Permian in 1999 and Texas Tech in 2002. I sang in the choirs at Tech as well as the Lubbock Chorale while in college. Then Church Choir and praise teams. I have worked in outpatient mental health programs/ and social services, served as the House Manager for Ronald McDonald House in Lubbock, and then taught. 

I have always known I wanted to teach. I always have enjoyed the chaos of children and watching them
learn. It is my absolute dream to get to do that, and with music. My deepest understandings are usually accompanied by music. And my
goal as a teacher or mentor has always been to foster an understanding and appreciation for the arts. There is such beauty in them. They speak then words can’t and often are our best, if not our only, outlet. I want people to break  stereotypes and they might find they can appreciate things they never would. Ask my
big kids who “hate opera” 🙄 
So as long as I have the opportunity to teach , this is my goal. My passion. 
A Few of my Favorite things:
my Red Raiders
diet coke
books- I LOVE to read 
silly games on Facebook