Class Dojo is a way for you to keep track of your child's behavior throughout the day as well as a form of communication between us.
This is how it works:
I will give 3 warnings before taking away a Class Dojo point (- = negative / lost points)
Everyone starts at 0 everyday. Your child's goal is to earn 15 points by the end of each day. On your child's behavior calendar I will write - (points lost) / + (points earned). 10-14 points gets 1 sticker, 15-19 gets 2 stickers. 20 and above they earn 3 stickers. If they lose points or are below 10 they do not put a sticker on their chart. Once they have filled up their sticker chart they will choose a reward to use in the classroom the next day. Some of the rewards consist of: sit in the Teachers chair for a day, bring a stuffed animal, use a special pen for the day, bring a show and tell, plus many more. :) Please initial daily so I know you have seen their behavior chart. You can keep track on Class Dojo throughout the day by looking at points.