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Remind 101 Set Up

To get information about athletics from Coaches via remind 101 app download the app and join the following by texting these codes:
 7th Boys:                TO: 81010     Code: @ocacoug7
 8th Boys:                TO: 81010     Code: @ocacoug8
 9th Boys:                TO: 81010     Code: @ocacoug9
 10th Boys:              TO: 81010     Code: @ocacoug10
11th Boys:               TO: 81010     Code: @ocacoug11
12th Boys:               TO: 81010     Code: @ocacoug12
7th Girls:                      TO: 81010     Code: @ladycougr7
8th Girls:                      TO: 81010     Code: @ladycougr8
9th Girls:                      TO: 81010     Code: @ldycougr9
10th Girls:                    TO: 81010     Code:@ldycougr10
11th Girls:                    TO: 81010     Code: @ldycougr11
12th Girls:                    TO: 81010     Code: @ldycougr12
Golf(boys & girls):       TO: 81010      Code: @golf221
Cross Country MS: TO:  81010   Code: @tdunfordjh
Cross Country HS:  TO:  81010   Code: @tdunfor